Friday, 6 September 2013

DT work for Silhouette UK, Wedding Planner with matching items

Phew! finally finished this project, totally loved doing it, but lots of new learning curves for me. I used the Designer edition to make a lot of it from scratch.  The doors were a file i purchased from Sil, i cut the pair of doors twice, so i could also cut an offset of the doors in acetate to sandwich between each layer, giving me window panes. 

What can i say ! I am totally in love with the sketch pens and sketch feature - oh my word, they are just simply exquisite, this silver pen, the amount of sketching i used it for on this project, and theres still plenty of ink left !
Box to keep planner in nice and safe, designed on design studio
matching ring box

these fonts are just divine, its called 'Cherubs' ... of course, what else would it be called lol

thought these little envelopes i made were perfect for putting those little reciepts that we all tend to lose , i put one in the inside cover and one in the back

Each tab you see have headers written on them i.e. table plan, bridesmaids, guests, evening party etc etc 

See that silver pen again - love, love, love it 
box i designed myself on Design studio
confetti file i purchased from sil, and of course you can cut it whatever size you want, could even use them as embellishments

pillow box i purchased from sil


  1. Maggs your projects are really, really beautiful and hopefully they'll get shown on C& C one day.

    Shirley xx