Saturday, 27 July 2013

How excited am I .....

Didnt manage to get on PC til late tonight, 1st thing was to check emails - whilst looking through the 'bloglovin' email, i see something catch my eye and think, hang on a min, that looks very much like mine - and yep - it was my House Mouse tissue box holder - so I click on it - only to go to Joanna Sheens website and i am Daily Talent Spot !!!!  - I felt like i had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - Well, to say i was excited is a huge understatement!  My entire family thought i was stark raving mad (actually, they are probably right on that count) - i was running around the house laughing/screaming trying to drag everyone to come looksee the website.
Talk about a confidence booster, it was an amazing feeling.  I get so much enjoyment of making my things, i put my heart and soul into them, so when i see people like them as well - well, thats magic :-)

So anyway, i want to show off this fab fab fab Daily Talent Spot ...