Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fabulous fashion note book


  1. Hi Maggs,
    I've just come across your blog from Joanna Sheens blog. Your creations are beautiful especially for a fairly new crafter. I'm fairly new myself, but do find that I'm improving as time goes on. Would love to be brave enough to create my own blog some day.
    Chris X

    1. Thank you so much Chris - i am still in shock here seeing my box on Joanna's website - WOW!, i will confess, i was running around the house screaming lol - its such a huge compliment as i am an avid fan of Joanna and team.
      Creating a blog is harder than doing craft, well, i find it is, i hate techie stuff, so my poor blog gets neglected on times. You tube and other crafters have helped me so much, its such a friendly/helpful/supportive community - and if ever i can give any help/support, just drop me a line xxxx