Tuesday, 12 June 2012

UUUrrgghhh the dreaded '50th' on Thursday - there should be a law against getting old.  My head keeps telling me i am 18, my body keeps telling me i am 80! ... But one saving grace is making cards, a little world to escape in to, and for us who cant draw, we can finally create pictures of little fantasy creatures and little fantasy worlds.  People who supply and make the rubber stamps and digi stamps, we really have a lot to thank them for.  I truly love this new found little hobby of mine.
Looking forward to Saturday evening, going to share it with friends and family who mean the world to me, friends who i havent seen for a long time, or dont see as often as i would like, but who are very important in my life.  I consider my life very rich from having these friends and family in my life - as you get older, i realise what is actually important - and its certainly not the material things.  We  have so many beautiful things around us, yet we tend to lead such busy lives, we miss so much, its like we go round with our eyes closed.  Just listening to the birds sing, the trees swaying in the breeze - lifes simple, little treasures.  Old age must be making me get all nostagic lol xxx