Saturday, 19 May 2012

No voice!!

Its pretty quiet in our home at the moment - everyones loving it !!! I've lost my voice !
I seem to have inspiration block at the moment - havent done anything.  My big 50 is looming (14th June) - wondering if i totally refuse point blank to grow up and age, and not only will i stop getting old, but may even go in reverse ! This ageing thing is a mean old thing, I mean, i still think like i did when i was '20', so how dare my body disagree with me. I think me and my body are going to have a huge falling out if it doesnt start to behave - due 4-5 operations this year - I feel like a washing machine, under extended guarantee, so can just about still be repaired.
Our 20th wedding anniversary is on 9th June - i think my hubby needs a medal to have put up with me that long - i think its cos he knows i think hes gorgeous!
So on the 16th June, i think a party at mine is in order - family and friends to help me commiserate that dreaded number (50) - instead of hiding from it, i am going to look it straight in the eye and laugh

love to all xxx


  1. LOL!!! It happened for me last summer too Maggs! Funnily enough, 6 months later I don't feel any older :oD xx

  2. Anne, i feel like 90 !! at the mo, but my head is still at 20 ;-) xxx